Land of Ninjas


Requirements: Appointed by Kage

Jonin means high Ninja. Jonin are highly rank and skilled Ninja, especially in many kind of jutsu. They are often sent on A-rank mission. They are also assign to be a sensei of a certain team, to train and guide their Genins. Not many are chosen to become Jonin. There is another classification under Jonin and that is S-class. There is no official rank given to S-class, but they can either be higher or lower the a Jonin according to their villages. S-class are known for their disappearance after they have reach Jonin in their prospected villages, as wanderer or private clan. They are very powerful individual capable of developing new techniques. Others are known because of their status/nickname. Densetsu no Sannin (Legendary 3 Ninja): Jiraiya the Toad Hermit and Toad Tamer, Orochimaru the Snake Tamer, and Tsunda the Slug Tamer and the Legendary Sucker for her bad gambling skills. Or others like the Fourth Hokage, Leaf Village Yellow Flash and Hatake Sakumo the Leaf Village White Fang.