Land of Ninjas
Missions are assigned to every ninja based on their level.. Gain EXP and Yen to level up and become a splendid ninja! One mission may give you ¥500, but you may only get ¥83. Half of the yen you earn goes to the village. The other half is divided among your Team. Don't fret, the more you do, the more you earn.

Choose which mission you want and role-play about it. Then, come back to this page and fill in the form stating you have finished it and I will give you your rewards. The following missions are for all nations. ~Sel

D-Ranked Missions

Requirements: Genin Level

Lost Cat!

Rich Lady Aiko of the Sand Village's  cat is missing. Last seen sneaking around the border of Jofuku Mountain.
Orange cat with a bow in it's ear.
Reward: ¥500
EXP: 40

I need a ride!

Fisherman Akane's boat has been stolen. Needs a ride to the Village of the Hidden Mist to purchase a new, finer quality
Reward: ¥150
EXP: 100

Want Clean Water!!

Lots of trash been dumped into the streams that leads to the Village of the Hidden Leaf. I refuse to clean it up. If ninjas are so powerful, a stream full of trash won't hurt, will it?
Reward: ¥100
EXP: 90

Harvesting Crops

I need my weeds pulled and corns chucked. I still have acres of land to plow. Anyone willing to help? I will offer a small amount of yen and a free meal for anyone willing to help.
Reward: ¥150
EXP: 100

C-Ranked Missions

Requirements: Genin level or above


There has been less and less water lately. Old Man Aoi reported a ninja in the premises. Located a dam upstream. Need help unclogging dam and getting rid of rouge ninjas!
Reward: ¥2000
EXP: 250

Ninja Cats

I didn't know they existed. Please help, our small village is being held captive by ninja cats. They seem to be lacking experience, but our village is poor and we have no weapons. Please help ASAP!
Reward: ¥1500
EXP: 105


The Village of the Hidden Mist is in desperately need of medicine. Our troops have recently been ambushed and we're running low on medical supply. Anything will help
Reward: ¥2000
EXP: 200

B-Ranked Missions

Requirements: Chunin level or above


I need to be escorted to the Hidden Sand Village. I have some construction work to do but a powerful man is after me, wanting to kill. Please send your most trustworthy ninjas. At most, I will be at the Sand Village for two weeks and I would like an escort back to my village.
Reward: ¥3,500
EXP: 500

Destroy the Bridge

The Hidden Lightning Village needs back-up. We need reinforcements, we are begging you. the Hidden Village of the Mist and Stone teamed up and we cannot fight them 2 v 1.
Reward: ¥5000
EXP: 750

A-Ranked Missions

Requirements: Jonin level or above

Assassin on the loose

A man by the name Goruntue have escaped from prison. He is known to be a silent assassin and needs to be captured and killed as soon as possible. We will pay you handsomely if his head is brought back to the Land of Mist.
Reward: ¥15,000
EXP: 900

S-Ranked Missions

Requirements: Jonin or Sannin


A stray member of the famous Akasuki has been spotted. As you may already know, Akatsuki is a small organization full of S-Ranked criminals. Our villagers are fearing another attack, another clan war. Please come to our aid.
Reward: ¥30,000
EXP: 1,500

    Mission Accomplished! Post rank, mission, nation, and reward/EXP