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Mount Myōboku

Mount Myoboku Symbol
The portal allowing quick access to Konohagakure.
Mount Myoboku
Sacred Oil Fountain and Statues
Mount Myōboku (妙木山, Myōbokuzan; English TV "Mount Myoboku"; Literally meaning "Mysterious/Exquisite Tree Mountain"), also known as the "Mountain of Bewilderment" (迷いの山, Mayoi no Yama), is the land of toads, the place where all the toads that Naruto, Minato and Jiraiya have summoned live. It is home for huge and small toads alike. Mount Myōboku is a rich and beautiful land, whose ultimate authority seems to be the Great Toad Sage. Shima and Fukasaku are both elders and sages, and they seem to have an even higher authority than Gamabunta himself.

The Sacred Oil Fountain and all the statues surrounding it.  For a human to get to Mount Myōboku, it either takes a month long
travel on secret paths from Konohagakure or, if they have a summoning contract, they can let a toad use the Reverse Summoning Technique. According to Fukasaku, Mount Myōboku is impossible to find by foot if you don't know the secret route. In the anime, Jiraiya was transported to Mount Myōboku in his youth via using the summoning technique without a contract. There is a special portal called the Distant Body Water (遠身水, Enshinsui) that links Mount Myōboku and Konohagakure, that enables the smaller toads to quickly travel between the two without the use of the summoning technique.

Some of the inhabitants of Mount Myōboku can use
senjutsu, to gather natural energy. There is a sacred fountain on Mount Myōboku which produces a special oil that allows people to more easily feel the natural energy around them, but if the person is not perfectly still, becoming one with nature, he or she starts becoming a toad and eventually turns into stone. This oil can only exist in the atmosphere of the mountain, and will evaporate if taken outside. There are many statues of the frog ancestors and of people who tried to learn senjutsu, but failed and became statues. The statues are treated with much respect.

On Mount Myōboku exists a score of musical genjutsu that have passed down since an immemorable time. Of which is one
genjutsu that only the two great sage toads have mastered. These genjutsu are very powerful and can only be performed by combining the melody and the lyrics that only the toads can utter.

There is a special location known as Mount Myōboku: Rock Lodging (妙木山・岩宿, Myōbokuzan: Iwayado), where a
great, fire-breathing toad resides.

Mount Myōboku has records of its population in a list, and the name of a Mount Myōboku toad stays there until it dies.

Great Toad Sage

Great Toad Sage

The Great Toad Sage (大ガマ仙人, Ōgama Sennin) is the oldest and most respected toad of all the inhabitants of Mount Myōboku. Because of his age, the other toads affectionately call him Great Honorable Geezer (大じじ様, Ōjiji-sama). He is famed for his highly accurate prophecies



Shima is considered open-hearted and her personality allows her to see everything with great clarity. Because of this, she is adored by all toads as the "Mother of the Toad Way" (蝦蟇道の母, Gamadō no Haha). She is greatly respected because of her old age and wisdom, but she still manages to bicker with her husband over small things like missing dinner. Shima (シマ, Shima) is the wife of Fukasaku and an elder toad from Mount Myōboku. As the heirs of the Great Toad Sage, she and her husband are revered as the Two Great Sage Toads. Together with Fukasaku, she taught Jiraiya how to use Senjutsu

Rank: Elder


Fukasaku (フカサク, Fukasaku) is the husband of Shima and an elder toad from Mount Myōboku. As the heirs of the Great Toad Sage, he and his wife are revered as the Two Great Sage Toads. Together with Shima, he taught Jiraiya how to use senjutsu and later he alone taught Naruto the same. He has a leading position among the toads, being called Head (頭, Kashira).
Rank; Elder


Gamabunta (ガマブン太, Gamabunta) is the chief of the toads of Mount Myōboku. He is usually summoned for battles with the largest of enemies. At first, Naruto could only summon him with the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox's chakra. Without it, Naruto could only call upon some of Gamabunta's smaller children. Gamabunta was first seen in the premiere of the series, where he and the Fourth Hokage faced off against the Nine-Tails. He is not given a speaking role until he was first summoned by Naruto. Gamabunta is a very large toad, which towers over trees, dwarfs most large rock formations, and is larger than most buildings. He's so large he's comparable in size to the gargantuan Tailed Beasts like Shukaku and the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox, with him being as large as the Fox's entire torso. He is colored a dull, rusty red, but around his eyes and on his lips and chest are brighter red markings. Over his left eye, he received a scar at some point in the past, but can still see out of it. He often wears a large blue happi vest, and always carries a massive dosu blade at his hip. He also carries a large kiseru pipe which he often smokes.

Rank: Chief


Gamaken is a giant magenta toad with black markings on his face, arms, and legs with horn like protrusions on his head, he was nearly as big as Gamabunta, and could tower over most buildings (except for the massive skyscrapers in Amegakure which dwarfed even other summons), trees and large rock formations. He wears a robe similar to Gamabunta's and keeps a sakazuki-like shield wrapped around his back and a sasumata in his hand. 
Gamaken is very modest. He is constantly referring to how clumsy he is, and often seems nervous.


Gamatatsu (ガマ竜, Gamatatsu; Literally meaning "Toad Dragon") is one of Gamabunta's children and Gamakichi's younger brother, and has a fixation with snacks. Gamatatsu is portrayed as being even more simple and stupid than Naruto is or ever was. From his first appearance, Gamatatsu showed that he would choose snacks over someone's life. Gamatatsu's obsession with snacks is so great that he waited a year since his first summon for the snack he had been promised, even though he still didn't get it. He is always hungry and asking his summoner for snacks, and often gets confused by unusual predicaments, in which he counts on his "big brother Gamakichi" to help him with. In the English anime, his voice is jocularly high. He also openly refers to Gamabunta as "daddy", which the older toad either chooses to ignore or simply doesn't mind. Gamatatsu seems to lack a sense of danger.
Rank: Idiot


Kōsuke (こうすけ, Kōsuke) was a young messenger toad that wore goggles. On Kōsuke's back is the kanji word for "gold" (金, kin). He seemed to be a very happy and cheerful toad, and took orders without hesitation.
Rank: Messenger


Gerotora (ゲロ寅, Gerotora) is a scroll toad, a rare species that closely guards whatever secret has been written on its scroll-abdomen until his contractor dies. He resides in the belly of his contractor, and is known for his excellent endurance. Gerotora guards the scroll which acts as the holder of the "key" to the Eight Trigrams Seal located on Naruto Uzumaki's stomach. He was summoned during the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox's attack on Konoha by Minato Namikaze, who inscribed the key onto his stomach for safekeeping. Minato left the key to Jiraiya upon his death.
Rank: Scroll Toad


Gama (蝦蟇, Gama) is the first toad named in the series, debuting alongside Jiraiya. He is almost always seen wearing samurai armor in battle. He was the only summon shown to strike the same pose as Jiraiya. This toad seems to be the keeper of the Toad Summoning contract scroll. Gama has not yet been seen talking, only croaking once or twice and mainly in the anime. He wears a necklace with the kanji for "loyalty" (忠, chū).


Gamahiro is nearly as big as Gamabunta, towering over buildings and trees. He is so huge he could even crush one of the Three Giant Snakes that were summoned by a group of Sunagakure shinobi during the Invasion of Konoha.
He has an aquamarine
skin tone and yellow eyes with dark markings around them. He also carries two huge katanas on his back, which are his main weapons with a pink belt around his stomach


He is rather funny, and has the mannerisms of a smart-alec. He is also often very condescending as well as light-hearted in most situations, preferring the levity of talk to the seriousness of battle. He seems to favor Naruto because he saved him from Gaara in his miniature Shukaku form. After he is summoned he tends to greet people by saying, "Yo (in English dub, Hey)."