Land of Ninjas

Hidden Sand Village - Ninja Academy

  1. Love the village and hope to help preserve peace and prosperity.
  2. Have a mind that will not yield, able to endure hard training and work.
  3. Be healthy in mind and body.
If the above conditions are met, admission to the Academy will be granted.

Aside from the obvious lessons one would learn from a Ninja Academy, all students receive essential knowledge, such as reading, writing, mathematics, science, geography, etc. Students also have to
study the Shinobi Rules. Special lectures read by highly experienced shinobi are sometimes held.

Taught by
chūnin instructors, all ninja potentials are lectured on tactics and strategies. They are instructed on the basics of trap-setting. They are taken through the handling of ninja weapons and tools, like shuriken and kunai, learning how to throw and wield them through target practice. Academy students are also taught about chakra and how to use it, hand seals and the basic levels of:

  • taijutsu classes serve as the Ninja Academy's equivalent of Physical education class (Moegi's least favorite class during her time at the Academy). In taijutsu class, students are engaged in physical activities to help train their bodies and develop their stamina.
  • ninjutsu classes provide the bulk of what potential ninja learn at the Academy. The subject of ninjutsu encompasses techniques that use chakra and allows the user to do something that they otherwise would be incapable of doing. Techniques such as the Transformation Technique and the Clone Technique are taught to students at the Academy that will build up to what they'll learn from their jōnin-sensei.
  • genjutsu classes are not touched much upon except for explaining what genjutsu is. When learning about genjutsu, students are advised to determine if they are trapped in a genjutsu, and then how to release themselves from it.



Sando Zenchi

Sando Zenchi is a young girl who attends the Ninja Academy in the Hidden Sand. She is very skilled with weapons and ninjutsus and love cats. She is an extremely fast learner and usually has the highest grade in the class. She is awed by the Kazekage and is suspicious with outside villages and takes everything seriously.
 Rank: Student
 Yen: 100