Land of Ninjas
Selika - Admin
Fushichou- Role-Player
 Jelly - Role-Player
 Bachiko- Role-Kitty 
Zenchi - Role-Player
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If you want to join, go on the Blog, which is accessible from the Home tab. Please be specific in describing your ninja and provide a picture. ~Selika

Welcome to the Ninja World

Hello there, fellow ninja. I am Selika, Daughter of Faye. I am the Kage of the Land of Fire. There are a total of three villages at the moment. The land of Fire, Wind, and Lightning. You will learn the ways of the ninja and rise through the ranks of your village. I wish you well. Now, here is where we shall part, and may fate bring us back together. 

Tailed Beasts are available!

One, Two, Eight, and Nine are off-limits/taken


Land of Fire

Team Kakashi
Naruto Uzumaki
 Sakura Haruno
Sasuke Uchiha

Land of Lightning

                  Land of Wind

Land of Earth

Land of Water